The Why Before The Who

Before I introduce myself, I feel it is more important to explain why I have chosen to start a blog.  The uses for Facebook continue to grow everyday.  Having an interest in fitness and healthy eating, I have recently come across a plethora of pages devoted to individuals on their weight loss journeys.  Men and women alike can share in celebrating weight loss victories in addition to finding support from one another when they slip up and miss a workout or splurge on a craving.  These Facebook pages go beyond just being a community of supporters.  The main goal of such pages is accountability.  People document their progress with pictures of themselves before, during, and after their weight loss.  They document and share their workouts, their meals, their fears, hopes and dreams.  Again, accountability.

I have a dream of becoming a screenwriter.  I want to be held accountable for working hard every day to take at least one step, to do one thing towards achieving this goal.  Just as those trying to lose weight to look better or to feel better or simply to live a healthier lifestyle, they need that push, that constant reminder.  They put themselves out there as a means to staying dedicated and committed to reaching their goal. So this is me, putting myself out there. I invite you dear reader to share in my journey as I document my trials and tribulations.  I am inspired by all of the blogs and resources out there regarding screenwriting and making movies.  Many of these blogs are written by individuals who are young, aspiring, either studying filmmaking or screenwriting or living in Los Angeles working on movie sets or for production companies and agencies.  I am none of these.

I became a mathematician in 2000, earning a Bachelor’s degree in math and a certificate in secondary education.  Sounds pretty cool, huh?  The not-so-sexy description of what I do is teach high school math.  I wrote my first screenplay ten years ago.  After that my focus shifted as my wife and I were starting a family.  Four kids and a master’s degree in education later I went back to writing and wrote a second screenplay.  A teacher’s strike, change of schools, and second master’s degree in education once again put my screenwriting on hold.  For a long time I believed teaching was my calling.  I still believe that.  However,veryday that goes by, society continues to take a little more of the fun out of it for me.  But that’s a post for another day.

I didn’t simply watch a movie and say to myself, “I can do that.” I did not wake up one day and say, “I’m going to write a movie.”  I’ve loved movies my whole life.  I was raised on Star Wars, Schwarzenegger, John Hughes and Goonies.  These were the inspiration for the characters I created to be my friends as a child.  My love for movies really peaked after high school graduation in 1997 seeing Titanic, As Good As It Gets, and my favorite, Good Will Hunting.

Telling stories has become instrumental in my success at being a teacher and engaging my students.  My dad could really spin quite a tale about a reckless and rebellious youth as a teen in 1960’s Evanston.  The more I share his stories with others, the more fantastical they become to me.  So this is what I want to do. I want to tell stories.  Good ones. And I want you good reader, to hold me accountable.

Come back every once in a while and check in on me.  Share in my victories and lift me up after my defeats.  I promise I will work hard, I will write everyday. I will be relentless in my pursuit of this dream.  And I won’t let you down.

Thanks and have a great day!



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