Humble Pie

“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” – Sir Isaac Newton

I had an epiphany tonight. After having taken a couple weeks off from writing to let feedback simmer and to take the family on a vacation, I was extremely humbled by a single tweet that shared this blog along with a few nice words. And just like that, presto…renewed motivation.

Then came the weekly Sunday night @scriptchat on Twitter. Tonight’s guest was Eric Koenig (@EricKoenig123), a dentist whom this past year sold his first feature, Matriarch to Paramount. You can read more about Eric and his incredible story here. Back to the epiphany…

I realized that the incredible network of writers that I have come to know on Twitter range from the produced, bought, optioned Hollywood insiders, to experienced and knowledgeable writers on the verge, to writers like myself who have a few projects under their belts but are still learning, to writers just starting out.  And it doesn’t matter where each one of us is at in our dream chasing journeys, as long as you’re respectful, courteous, and genuine, there are writers around you that WANT to help you succeed.

We read each other’s scripts and give usable notes and honest feedback. We favorite, like, retweet, repost, and share each other’s tweets and pictures. We answer each other’s questions. We lend a hand, an ear, or the right verb when needed. We pick each other up when one of us falls.

We do this because we all want nothing more than to see one of us succeed. To make that sale, to sign with an agent, to have our movie made. We want this SO BADLY for each other because we can say we knew you when…

We can say, “Hey, I gave that writer some notes on that script!” to our friends when it opens in theaters everywhere on Friday night. We hold the belief that you’ll pay it forward, that you’ll reach back down and do what you can to pull others forward who have put in the time, sweat and tears to write a great script. But most importantly, we all root for each other because if you make it, that means we can too.

Every writer who BREAKS IN keeps the dream alive for the rest of us. We look on and think, if I work just as hard, and I continue to learn and get better from every draft, I too can be a screenwriter.

When I make that first sale, I will not have done it on my own, because I will be standing on the shoulders of Giants.